September 21, 2022

Wild Pink - "See You Better Now"

The third single from Wild Pink's new album ILYSM features the one and only J Mascis and pushes the band's sound even further towards total heartland rock bliss.

Wild Pink are on the verge of something big. After a handful of records have helped build the band's status as a hard-working indie rock group capable of conjuring up deeply satisfying heartland rock, the band has set their sights on the next level. Much like The War on Drugs did before them, the band seems to have crafted the album that will now carry them from small clubs to mid-size venues and big fonts on festival posters across the country. Following the album's self-titled lead single and a second featuring Julien Baker on guest vocals, the band returns today with another new one and it confirms their current trajectory. Acoustic guitar riffs kick things off before the rest of the song clicks into gear and finds the band with a rush of energy suited to deliver massive hooks and swelling choruses. While the title-track may be the eureka moment on the album, this one helps to affirm their path to greatness. It's a majestic song that hits the nail directly on the head in terms of what a great indie rock song can be and it does so with style and grace. Even after hitting in all the right places, the song comes to its peak when J Mascis steps in to let a ripping guitar solo fly in a way only he can. Knowing your strengths is crucial as a band and knowing when to let others take the spotlight is a sign of true maturity. Wild Pink have been building success on their own for years now, but seeing them off the spotlight to some bigger names shows their advancement and how far they've come as songwriters and how much potential the album as in store for us as listeners.  

ILYSM is out on October 14 via Royal Mountain Records.

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