September 27, 2022

Björk - Fossora

On Friday, Björk will release her tenth studio album, Fossora, and today she's shared the title track.

Avant-pop icon Björk isn't here to cater to casual fans or even those are hoping to dip those toes into experimental music. She's built a career around redefining her own sound with each album offering something entirely new to her exquisite canon. Her influences are abundant and her range is just as astounding three decades into her solo career as it was in the '90s. After already hearing three tracks from her latest album Fossora, it's clear that Björk is still living in a musical world all her own and there is still plenty of new territory for her to explore. On the title track from her new record, Björk conjures up some of the most industrial sounding tones yet as pounding percussion meets the bass clarinet to give symphonic chamber-pop vibes before self-destructing into a throbbing club-ready banger. This is Björk at her most agro, entering a realm that is as wildly unpredictable as you'd expect. A true artist working within their own boundaries and still finding something uniquely their own through newly refined sonic landscapes. It's a deeply propulsive track that won't exactly call you to the dance floor, but will certainly challenge your ability to listen to this one while remaining seated. She's spoken about how this is her mushroom album, one that is deeply grounded in the earth, and this track certainly embodies that rugged aspect. You can almost feel the dirt being shaken off with each obsidian-esque beat.

Fossora is out Friday, September 30 via One Little Independent.

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