September 8, 2022

Preoccupations - "Slowly"

Preoccupations have shared a third single ahead of their new album, Arrangements, which is out tomorrow.

Post-punk powerhouse Preoccupations are gearing up to release their new record and on their latest single, they off up a mix of some of their most intriguing and promising sounds to date. The usual drawl of singer Matt Flagel feels especially dramatic on this one, his aching and longing finally catching up with him and oozing into the band's music as well. "Disappearing into the ether / At four o clock in the morning / With the world spinning slowly" he sings before a wall of feedback strikes, giving the song a shredding moment of heavy sythn. Smears of guitar are rubbed all over this track in place of the band's typically iron-clanging sound and with it comes new textures that strengthen their sonic template without straying too far from their beaten path. It's still a brooding song, one filled with volume and deep moods, but this time around the band has found a way to change up their pace while staying true to themselves. It's a big risk, especially for a punk band, but this one pays off.

Arrangements is out September 9. 

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