March 30, 2007

A few weeks back I went to the Apple store in SoHo and caught a show by The Good, The Bad, and the Queen. Such an all-star line-up in that group. Now their music is not what you would expect from the previous bands they have been a part of, however their music is something original and totally worth checking out. They did not seem too excited about their performance, which was a little disappointing. Especially since the band arrived over an hour late. Still, Paul Simonon might be the coolest bass player around. Holding his bass like a machine gun as he plucked away simple and effective bass lines, he is probably the only person who can have "punk" carved into his bass and still be punk (If Sid Vicious were alive I'd say he could pull it off too).

Ashli and I went to Brooklyn and saw Thursday at Warsaw the week before break. I had not seen these guys since the summer before my freshman year of high school so I was really excited. The first bands were Paulson and The Number 12 Look Like You and while they were entertaining we were only there for Thursday. They took the stage and put on an amazing show. One of the best hardcore shows I've been to in a long time. They had energy that never let up. While they played stuff off the new album which I'm not too familiar with their tore through old songs with such passion and the crowd felt every second of it. The set ended with "This Song Brought To You By a Falling Bomb" in which Geoff had so much intensity he did not even use a mic and the whole place still heard him. This was immeadiately followed by "Cross Out the Eyes" which brought the building to it's knees. The encore was also excellent and afterwards Geoff made sure to say thank you to as many fans as he could. Definately an awesome experience.

Now I'm starting something new. Every up-date will now feature the Hot Tracks section in which I'll suggest some of my favorite songs that you guys should all download.

  1. The Blow - Parentheses. Excellent electonica/dance song that will get stuck in your head so fast. Key Line: "When you're holding me, we make a pair of parentheses."
  2. Mickey Avalon - Jane Fonda. One of my new favorite dance songs.
  3. Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running. This band is blowing up even more now that their newest album is officially out. This is who everyone should be listening to, enough with the goddamn Killers.