September 16, 2022

Ka - "Ascension"

Following last year's excellent record A Martyr's Story, Ka returned today with not one, but TWO new surprise albums.

Ka is a true, innovative, DIY rapper. He releases his records himself via his own website as a side hustle to his full-time job as a fire chief with the FDNY. Over the past decade, he's released a steady stream of fantastic records putting him at the top of New York's underground hi-hop scene. Usually, Ka takes a year or two between releases, however he's stepping up his game right now with the surprise release of Languish Arts and Woeful Studies (the ninth and tenth records in his discography). Currently, both albums are only available via his website, but he has posted a video for the track "Ascension" from Languish Arts. As he continues to abide by his own rules, this track is a free flowing delivery over lush strings, but with no beat. The staccato nature of the rhythm is what gives the track its motion and direction, but it's Ka's contemplative lyrics and abstract use of sound that give the track life. "May not be a good man, but I got good intentions" he repeats throughout, exposing us to his own internal reckoning. Ka has always delivered personal, introspective raps and he once again brings the goods with this song and does so while flipping the script and allowing his lyrics to really take the spotlight here as the strings act primarily to give the song dimension, but prove he doesn't need a drum hit to keep his inflections on point. Ka has been changing the game throughout his career and "Ascension" is just another play to prove he's still unlike anyone else.

Languish Arts and Woeful Studies are out now.

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