September 5, 2022

Locations played Mercury Lounge

Hot off the release of their new single, Locations played a thunderous set at Mercury Lounge proving to be a true force to be reckoned with as they rocked the intimate club.

Locations recently returned with a new song called "Moves" and celebrated it in style with an electrifying Labor Day performance at the acclaimed Mercury Lounge. Fired up and ready to bring the heat to the club, the duo raged through a pummeling set with the volume cranked to the max as huge riffs and jackhammer-like fills tore through the room as an eager crowd raged on. The colossal chug of "Dancing Queen" already feels primed and ready to rock an arena, the foreboding rhythm giving a dark and sinister take, like a Black Sabbath injected White Stripes moment, one ready to rock your face off. "Moves," the new highlight, added funk to their hard rock edge, giving us one of the groovier moments of the night, before blasting back into charged-up blues rock. The band's range, however, is more than initially meets the ear and they managed to interpolate covers of Beyoncé, the Beatles, and Tool into the mix while doing justice to each. "Taxman" felt especially appropriate for their Amazon Labor Union passion and the diabolical rhythms of prop-metal legends Tool felt most impressive to see pulled off with such force by a duo. The dueling vocals mesh well and allow each of the guys to showcase their talents in a see-saw manner as the other unleashes fire from their instrument while the other screams with urgent authority. Niko Rummell's blazing guitar licks were looped and layered on top of each other giving his sound even more power while Tom Whidden's slamming drumrolls hit with seismic impact. Their howls are wicked and give an added punch to their already primal rock fury, but with their intensity comes elements of melody and grooves that keep things from getting out of hand. Hyped with a promising track, a live show that kicks it into gear, and other amped-up new tunes in their repertoire, the band is growing their confidence and showmanship each time they take the stage.

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