September 30, 2022

LCD Soundsystem - "new body rhumba"

LCD Soundsystem have shared their first new song in five years and it's part of the soundtrack to Noah Baumbach's new film, White Noise.

Built around a chugging beat, a propulsive guitar hook, and a post-punk bass line, LCD Soundsystem jump right back in to their groove and hit us with a pumping track that sounds like classic LCD. James Murphy's talk/sing delivery is firmly intact and the band sounds lush. Nancy Whang and company add backing vocals early on and bring the nostalgia right back with them. This is a heavy beat and deeply melodic groove that only gets sturdier as the song progresses and you can hear how it would take shape on stage, inducing killer vibes that will surely get people moving. While there's no indication we have an album on the way, this is a great new track from the band that will surely satisfy long-time fans. There's a lot of familiarity to the track, the melody recalls "call the police" while the vocals hint to "tonight." It's a song that fits perfectly within their discography and the more you listen, the more you're able to unpack. There's so much going on here and the band does an incredible job of blending it together into one glorious jam. For a band that so famously called it quits not too long ago only to return very shortly after, there was plenty of scorn that came from fans, but just like the album american dream confirmed their reunion was indeed worth it, "new body rhumba" proves the band still has something to say and can still create worthy jams we all still want to hear.

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