September 5, 2022

Sheer Mag played Union Pool

After being forced to cancel their show earlier this summer, Sheer Mag made it back for Union Pool's Summer Thunder series for a great, Labor Day blow-out.

It was a hot and humid afternoon, but Sheer Mag weren't ready to let that stop them from bringing the heat to their afternoon set on the back patio. Packed to the gills, the crowd was amped up and ready to party with the rock and roll quintet as they blazed through their set of high-energy songs that pumped up everyone in attendance. "Steel Sharpens Steel" was an early hit that had high-flying guitar under Tina Halladay's supreme vocals. On stage, Halladay gives it her all and this set was no exception. "I've got a few pounds on y'all and I'm drinking hot tea. No excuses from any of you!" She exclaimed as the band continued their brand of white-knuckle rock with flashes of hair metal and classic '70s FM sounds. This is muscle car music that needs to be loud and in your face and the band knows how to deliver that in stunning fashion. Epic guitar solos and Tina's epic wail are a serious combo and their gift of fighting for the working class lyrics have made them a staple in the fight for economic and social justice. "Expect the Bayonet" was Bernie Sander's walkout music in the past and it felt especially righteous to hear that scream under the heat for Labor Day. At just about an hour, the band played a grueling set that saw them take no breaks and continue to push their sound directly into the faces and hearts of everyone around and while the space wasn't really set up for people to get rowdy, it was fun to watch the hair flips amongst the singalongs. "Nobody's Baby" and "Fan the Flames" were two more rocking tracks that once again relished in the high-octane sounds of classic rock riffage and when the growls of "Turn It Up" hit the PA, the crowd was fully committed. Sheer Mag have a great intensity when they take the stage and their songs make for an epic soundtrack to a hard day of work. Hearing them play them for free on Labor Day Weekend hit extra hard and it's always exciting to see what the band has in store for us next. As long as they keep rocking, it's hard to imagine anything they do being anything other than awesome!

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