May 5, 2022

Tirzah - "Ribs"

Ahead of her tour in support of last year's excellent album Colourgrade, Tirzah has shared a new song, "Ribs."

Tirzah's last album was made during the time between the births of her two children and it was a blossoming change in her sound where she unfurled more deeply complex arrangements and detailed work. On "Ribs," she returns to a more direct, minimal sound that eschews the basic mold of pop to create something more hollow, but just as innovative. There is a sparse guitar loop, an electronic riff, and sporadic drum beats that hit at an off-kilter pace here so you never fully expect the drop to hit right on time. Her vocals warp themselves around the musical notes and she uses her fluttering voice as another sonic element to the track. Tirzah continues to flex the creative muscle and uses her uncanny creativity to create highly emotional pieces through minimal soundscapes. There are odes to R&B in this one, but also the approach to electronic textures that give the track its weight. The lush sounds evaporate here, but what remains is just as evocative as anything else we've heard from Tirzah and "Ribs" continues to expand her trajectory away from standard songwriting structures and into a world that feels uniquely her own.

"Ribs" is out now via Domino.

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