May 3, 2022


CHAI have shared a new, one-off track called "SURPRISE."

Earlier this year, while out on tour, the Japanese band CHAI were victims of theft when all of their gear was stolen. Instead of letting that stop their plans, the band carried on, finished their tour, and have now written a song about the experience. According to the group, "we all have that precious 'something' that we can't express in words. But sometimes those things happen to make it out as words, and we want to feel and love that 'surprise'. Those become the surprises of our lives, and I become a brand new me♡. That's what we had in mind when we wrote 'SURPRISE'." It's a poppy, bubbling track that builds steadily over rushing piano before swelling into a joyous rhythm that this group is so great at capturing. Soft, breathy vocals provide delicate charm to the song's soothing, yet propulsive pulse and it's got a tight groove that really kicks in to give the song a head-nodding beat and elevated joy. It's a straight-forward burst of synth-pop that is sure to leave you in a state of bliss.

"SURPRISE" is out now via Sub Pop.

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