May 20, 2022

Lou Barlow and Company - "Only Fading"

Iconic indie rocker Lou Barlow has announced a new band and shared their first tracks.

Lou Barlow is a busy guy. He's spent a lot of time, recently, with his main band Dinosaur Jr as they released the excellent Sweep It Into Space last year and subsequently toured behind it. They have an upcoming documentary coming out about the band as well. Right after that, he'll head to Europe for another tour. He also has been keeping Sebadoh active and just announced that he'd be reviving his project Folk Implosion. As if that's not enough, he announced yet another group, Lou Barlow and Company, and shared new songs. Barlow fronts the quartet (a first for him) and on "Only Fading," they do a supreme job in capturing indie rock bliss. Sounding like an instant classic, the track strikes the nerve of guitar-forward rock music he helped pioneer in the '90s, but without sounding stale or rehashed. This is a sublime track filled with rich, fuzzed-out guitar and killer hooks and Barlow hits a sweet groove on vocals that makes this a rock solid jam. It's always a treat to see someone with so much experience continue to crank out quality tunes and on this one, Barlow hits his perfect stride.

"Only Fading" is out now via Joyful Noise.

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