May 25, 2022

Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget"

Here it is, Sky Ferreira's first new, original, solo song since 2019.

The last time he heard a Sky Ferreira original was 2019's "Downhill Lullaby" which was six years after her first, and so far only, album, 2013's Night Time, My Time. When she released that track, she spoke about another new one called "Don't Forget" as if it could follow soon in the lead up to her new album. Well, three years later and we've finally got the new single from the ever-fascinating and still captivating singer. Throbbing, processed drums and stabby, '80s synths are the core to this industrial-pop banger, but it's still Ferreira's voice that leads the charge and packs the hardest punch. The track picks off as if there's been no time since her last record and finds Sky in the driver's seat, steering her lavish, glossy production in her distinct direction. "Don’t forget, oh no, I won’t forget" she declares, reminding us not only of her songwriting sensibilities and that she never really went away (her feature on Iceage's superb track "Pain Killer" is not to be ignored!), but also of her own memory. She won't forget those who've wronged or doubted her in the past and lead her down dark, dangerous paths from which it was often questioned if she'd ever recover. On "Dont' Forget," she's back to remind us, once again, that it's actually still her time. Now don't forget it.

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