May 17, 2022

Sasha and the Valentines played Purgatory

On their first tour since February 2020, Sasha and the Valentines played their second NYC show at Brooklyn's Purgatory.

Hailing from Austin Texas, the grooving quintet brought their vintage synth-pop sound to life with rich, lush textures and swirling blends of fuzzy, cosmic haze. The band's lounge-driven melodies and buzzing undertones give their sound a retro, yet youthful feel as Sarah Addi's breathy vocals give the songs even more of a velvety allure to match their washed-out melodies. Warm tones are the core to the band's appeal and basking in their glowing aura, it's clear that the band are vibing to their own style as well. There's a 2010's feel to their tunes which adds to the nostalgia factor of pastel-hued bedroom-pop. Faded, sun-washed hits of synth, thumping bass, and flowing guitar all combine to create a fog of billowing, cosmic, ethereal soundscapes. There are no grand solos or dizzying extended jams, everything here fits with a purpose. Their sparkling guitar and jewel-toned synths bleed together to form solid, shimmering moments which really feel fleshed out on stage and Addi does a splendid job keeping the crowd entertained even with minimal banter between songs. A wonderful mix of radiant pop and blissed-out, breezy rock, their hooks kept the night buzzing along with wistful energy and homespun enthusiasm. For such a young band, it's thrilling to see them take on this kind of music, DIY dream-pop charm in a wash of chillwave nostalgia, and nail it with effortless precision.

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