May 9, 2022

black midi - "Welcome to Hell"

The third album from UK post-punks black midi is out this summer, but today the band say "Welcome to Hell."

It's been less than a year since black midi dropped their scorching sophomore record Cavalcade, but today they've announced that they're wasting no time and have a new one primed and ready to roll. The album's lead single, "Welcome to Hell," is chock-full of everything we've come to love from the band and furthers their industrial approach as the luminaries of their newly celebrated scene. This one starts off with a rather straight-forward drum beat and the typical speak-sing lyrics that have dominated their sound. Soon, metallic, angular guitars join and things start to pick up before the track pulls a 180 and frantic, complex rhythms take over the song. This is a brutal and urgent as anything we've heard from the group in the past and proves they still have a lot in the tank ready to unleash on their fans. "If Cavalcade was a drama, Hellfire is like an epic action film," said the band’s Geordie Greep in a press release, and it feels apparent that the rest of the record is sure to pack a similar punch. black midi have risen to the top as one of the most engaging and visionary young bands in a scene that is bursting at the seams and each new release only adds to their momentum. In some cases, putting out new music at such a rapid clip can come with grievances and half-baked results, but in this case it's clear that black midi's cup is over-flowing with ideas and they're doing everything in their power to capture everything in the moment before it spoils or becomes over-produced. Lucky for us, their fire is still burning with intense passion and an introduction to hell has never felt so welcomed.

Hellfire is out July 15 via Rough Trade.

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