April 30, 2021

Burial - "Dark Gethsemane"

Burial and Blackout dropped a surprise EP today called Shock Power of Love featuring new tracks and a remix.

Last we heard from Burial he was busy dropping surprise tracks with his friends Four Tet and Thom Yorke and then announced a double single called "Chemz / Dolphin." While we're still waiting on the second half of that single to drop (it was pushed to next month), Burial has offered up two more new tracks on this split with Blackout. "Dark Gethsemane" starts out like classic Burial with dusty grooves that pop with hard garage vibes that are rooted in his classic Dubstep sound. However around the 5:30 minute mark, a new side of Burial emerges as a sampled voice repeats "We will shock this nation with the power of love." It's a suspended moment in time that seems to hang in limbo and becomes the center of the track. It's an astonishing moment that feels like an anthem for our future. Slowly the rhythm builds and it feels more like a rallying cry. It's Burial like we've never heard before and one of the strongest moments in his already mighty career.

Shock Power of Love is out now!

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