April 16, 2021

Cornelius - "Forbidden Apple"

Cornelius has shared a new song called "Forbidden Apple."

On the latest from the Shibuya-kei star, Cornelius keeps to a mellow vibe with his classic hints of noise-pop nostalgia. This track was recorded specifically for some serious high-end audio and you can tell that the production values on this one are particularly stellar. There are some IDM elements here as well that give flashbacks to a more upbeat Boards of Canada. The word "apple" is repeated in a manner that recalls the group's "Aquarius" and the childlike repetition of the word "orange." His blend of vocals and bubbly electronics still conjure most of the sparkle that emanates from the track and his classic sound remains intact. Things get a bit jumbled and accelerated as the track progresses, but a steady calm keeps it anchored to a solid pulse before it shimmers into nothing. It seems to end just as it's about to hit a peak. It's a bit of a tease, but an intriguing one no less.

Cornelius' last full-length album was 2017's Mellow Waves

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