April 21, 2021

nasimiYu - "White Lightning"

nasimiYu has shared "White Lightning," the third and final single leading up to her new album which is out in May.

Following the eclectic pop stylings of "Watercolors" and "Secretsecret," the latest track from nasimiYu is a much more subdued track. The minimal components on this one really push her vocals and lyrics to the front of the track and her music wizardry takes a bit of a back seat. While the other offerings from the record have been dazzling sonic creations, this one really breathes in the open space and embraces the minimalism. The organ is punching, but sparse. The music is really the background and sweeping harmonies and vocal work dominates the track. A trickle of melody finds its way around the half-way mark, but it's still her voice which takes control here and cements nasimiYu as a rising sensation in 2021. Her magic is ready to be unleashed.

P O T I O N S is out May 7.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful imaginary and lyrics. I love the dreamlike quality. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Peggy