April 29, 2021

Enumclaw - "Cents"

Enumclaw are set to release their debut EP tomorrow and have shared the kick-off track, "Cents."

This up and coming band has been building up their online presence for the past few months as they get ready to drop their debut EP. Having only been playing their instruments for about eighteen months, their raw take on lo-fi, punk-inspired indie rock has been garnering so many comparisons to "classic" Pacific North-West sounds of the '90s. Yet, while that seems to be a wide range of genres and can certainly differ in sound depending on who you ask, this track (and the others released so far) feel genuinely authentic and showcase the emerging artists' budding talents. Other early reviews compared their sound to No Age covering Oasis and they themselves have boasted to be "the best band since Oasis" on their social media accounts. If this is what they've been able to craft at such an early start to their career, who knows what the future will hold for this band.

Jimbo Demo is out April 30 via Youth Riot.

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