April 14, 2021

Tirzah - "Send Me"

Tirzah has shred her first new song since 2018.

On her debut record Devotion, Tirzah created wonderful soundscapes out of artistic sketches that felt like glimpses into her creative process as well as moments of brilliance. On her first new track in three years, much feels the same as her debut and while it doesn't push the boundaries of her sound, it confirms that what she's doing is already great. "Send Me" swirls with artistic flourishes as a simple guitar line and drum beat anchor the track while her billowing voices wraps it with a silky, hypnotic gauze. It feels like the work of a mix-tape, but that isn't to downplay it's value, this is still a stellar song, but keeps the listener at a distance. It culminates with a rush of noise that feels like a sublime moment of chaos meeting simple splendors.

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