May 4, 2021

Kevin Morby - "Dumcane"

Kevin Morby has shared an unreleased song from the Singing Saw era of his career.

It's been five years since Kevin Morby dropped his album Singing Saw and in the years since, he's been pretty prolific and released three more full-length albums. Last month was the record's five year anniversary and to celebrate, Morby has shared "Dumcane" which was recorded around the same time as the album. It's a sparse acoustic affair that feels very inline with what you'd expect from Morby. It's breathtakingly simple with subtle bass and synths arrangement underneath the acoustic strumming that gives it an extra boost of emotion and makes it feel more than just a demo or throwaway track. This is a really good song on par with everything else from that record and equivalent to (or even better) than tracks that made his subsequent albums.

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