April 15, 2021

Dawn Richard - "Mornin | Streetlights"

Dawn Richard's new record is out on April 30 and today she's shared another excellent single.

Following the stellar jam "Bussifame" and the bumpin "Jacuzzi," Richard is back with another highlight from her upcoming debut from Merge. "Mornin | Streetlights" doesn't hit the same club grooves of the previous singles, but instead gives us another taste of what is in store on this record. This is a slow jam for a new age and once again showcases her dexterity in songwriting. Her skills are diverse and remain unpinned here as she continues to push forward her own unique sound. Her past firmly behind her, this feels like an authentic and true to herself Dawn. One that has been years in the making and ready to finally break through to the world. 

"'Mornin' starts out with my mother speaking about her love life, the fact that she’s only known one love, my father. The traditional use of live instruments and the melodic vocal production on the song signify the wholesome love that my parents have had over a lifetime. 'Mornin | Streetlights' shows the parallel of my love life with music. Structure and rules don’t exist in this type of love, so it was important for me to not only approach this song with a nontraditional structure and length, but also push the design of a what love song should sound like. ‘Mornin’ embodies tradition and soul, and ‘Streetlights’ represents the future. I felt like the songs couldn’t be separate and needed to be together, so I created it as one song; the past and future can exist together within one record."

Second Line is out April 30 via Merge.

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