April 22, 2021

Iceage - "Gold City"

The new album from Iceage is out next month and the group has shared yet another single from the record.

Iceage's journey from hardcore to cow-punk continues on their new record Seek Shelter and it's apparent on their new song "Gold City" that even as their sound evolves, the ethos of Iceage remains unchanged. The aggressive tendencies of their early work isn't what you're going to find on this one, but their brutalism remains intact. Their evolution feels honest and true, they've grown up and matured. This is a bluesy number full of swagger and while it's not the same speed like you'd expect to hear on their first two albums, this one still packs a solid punch. It's hard to think of a group who has progressed in the same manner as Iceage, but as they continue to embark into new territory, they do so while still honoring their past. This is still a dark and brooding band, but the sound is a bit more welcoming while still proving to be as menacing as ever. This is the sound of a band that has always been capable of pushing the limits and while they may not appear to be as punk as their past would suggest, the least punk move ever is actually playing it safe and keeping things the same. Iceage continue to challenge themselves by changing up their sound with such drastic fashion. Many bands change direction over the course of time, but few are doing it quite like Iceage.

Seek Shelter is out May 7 via Mexican Summer.

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