April 28, 2021

Jessie Ware - "Please"

Last year, Jessie Ware released her excellent album What's Your Pleasure? (one of my favorites from 2020) and this summer she'll follow it up with a deluxe edition featuring more new songs.

"Please" is the first new track from Ware in 2021 and it's an absolute disco gem that shimmers with endless sparkle and immediately calls listeners to the dance floor. It's an undeniable groove that feels electric and instantly recalls the glamour of nightclubs and DJ sets around the world. Sure, maybe it's the pandemic and the lack of any social interaction that is really making the song have such a glowing impact, but the song itself truly speaks to the clubbing world. It's warm and vibrant and glistens with wonder. The bass is bubbly and if you close your eyes, you can easily picture yourself dancing the night away to this one with all of your closest friends. A truly remarkable treasure that it feels criminal that this was regulated to a deluxe edition and not just a stand alone single or addition to the album itself. Whatever the reason, we have "Please" now and it will be on rotation all summer long.

What’s Your Pleasure? The Platinum Pleasure Edition is out on June 11.

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