January 11, 2023

Yo La Tengo - "Aselestine"

The second single from Yo La Tengo's upcoming record This Stupid World is a blissed-out gem that proves they're forever on top of their game.

Yo La Tengo music comes in several varieties: noise-jams, shredding shoegaze, ethereal dream-pop, spaced-out ambient, and delightful slow-tempo ballads. Their latest single, "Aselestine," is a pristine example of the later. Simple acoustic guitar strums, light percussion, and glistening synths come together while Georgia Hubley's whispered vocals wrap things up like a soft velvet blanket. It's a delicate, soft number that feels like an immediate addition to this particular style of song that they've done so well for decades. Warm and inviting tones have long been hallmarks of the band's sound and "Aselestine" is a prime example of a band that is four decades into their career and is still churn out mesmerizing pop songs that leave you wondering just how amazing a band can be at this juncture in their tenure, but also confirms their status as one of the great American rock bands of all time. On the cusp of releasing their sixteenth album, it's incredible to think that this one could perhaps rank amongst their best and almost certainly will be one of the year's defining statements.

This Stupid World is out February 10 via Matador.

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