January 31, 2023

Caroline Polachek - "Blood and Butter"

Another single from Caroline Polachek's anticipated new album has arrived.

The rollout for Caroline Polachek's new album has been a long one. She released the "lead" single, "Bunny Is A Rider," way back in 2021 and followed it up with last year's "Billions," "Sunset," and "Welcome to My Island." Today, we're getting the fifth single from the album, "Blood and Butter." Continuing her expansive reach on guiding hyperpop, this is another elastic single that once again features coos reminiscent of the theme song to White Lotus season 2, tropical drums, and weightless vocals that have come to be part of her defying sound. Things cut out and we're left with her soft voice over bright acoustic guitars that swell into electronic beats that continue the song's effervescent path. Her summersaulting range still sticks the landing on this one and introduces bagpipes (!) into the mix, once again giving us an unexpected counter-hit that moves the bar up another notch and allows the anticipation to continue to climb. Every single has given us wafts of the directions she may be headed: Flamenco on "Sunset," synth-pop bangers on "Welcome to My Island," and hyperpop divinity on "Bunny." Still, while it may seem like she may be spreading these ideas rather thin, there is still an incredible cohesion across the songs and "Blood and Butter" helps affirm that with each twist and turn, her stunning songwriting skills remain firmly intact. 

Desire, I Want To Turn Into You is out February 14.

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