January 3, 2023

White Reaper - "Pink Slip"

White Reaper have shared the third single from their upcoming album Asking For A Ride.

At the end of January, White Reaper will release their new record, but today we're getting another taste of the band's high-flying rock and roll. "Pink Slip" finds the band in their comfort zone, with steady blasts of guitar, strong rhythms, and youthful vocals commanding your attention. This is supreme rock music that is sure to fire you up with each crashing cymbal hit or high-octane riff. It's a total blast of extreme pleasure that really hits the sweet spot of '70s rock with touches of third-wave emo that is a better mix than you might imagine and when the band hits their groove, they feel unstoppable and full or pure, unrelenting fun. It's a song that is made for rocking out as you cruise down the highway or high-five your friends at a bar, not immediately as intriguing or pulverizing like "Fog Machine," but one sure to fuel your energy or inch you closer to the edges of the pit.

Asking For A Ride is out January 27 via Elektra.

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