January 23, 2023

Jonah Yano / BADBADNOTGOOD - "the ordinary is ordinary because it ordinarily repeats"

On Friday, Jonah Yano will release his new album Portrait Of a Dog and today he's shared another single which is a collaboration with BADBADNOTGOOD.

Jonah Yano and Toronto jazz group BADBADNOTGOOD have been working together for quite some time. The group collaborated with Yano on his 2019 debut EP, Nervous, and they worked together again on his new record, Portrait Of a Dog. Their latest song is the expansive and free-flowing "the ordinary is ordinary because it ordinarily repeats," a long drawn-out track that feel effortlessly smooth. A bit of a dramatic piece, it slowly meanders around twinkling piano and luxurious saxophone as the groove forms itself with muscular tones that still make it an approachable and relatively meditative jazz song. There's a strong pulse that winds its way through the track and gives it much more life and dexterity in comparison to the rather sparse, solo nature of the previous singles. "the ordinary is ordinary because it ordinarily repeats" feels like an explosion of color that takes his work to a new level and confirms the partnership between Yano and BADBADNOTGOOD as one full of rich talent and expressive sonic experiments.

Portrait Of a Dog is out on January 27.

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