January 17, 2023

Screaming Females - "Brass Bell"

Screaming Females have announced a new album, their first in nearly five years, and shared the blistering lead single, "Brass Bell."

It can feel a bit nerve-wracking when a beloved artist changes up their sound and gives you something unexpected. For the first thirty-five seconds of Screaming Females new song "Brass Bell," that feeling begins to set in as a buzzing electronic static permeates the speakers and a haze sets forth. However the fear of change disappears quickly as the band's diabolical shred enters the scene, cuts the static like a knife, and allows for their raging rock and roll fall perfectly back into place. The rest of the song is supreme Screaming Females, locked-in rhythms and explosive, virtuosic guitar carry the song to the finish line and make for a stellar welcome-back to one of the most solid bands of the past two decades. Drawing from punk, grunge, and classic rock, the trio lean-in to all of their best tendencies here and really let things rip in a way that, by now, seems so natural for the group. Frontwoman Marissa Paternoster is in exquisite form on this one, her howl as wicked as ever and her guitar playing once again presenting her as one of her generation's finest. It's wild, in some ways, that this band hasn't gotten bigger as each release is a rock-solid showing of their impressive skills, but what others may be missing out on, true fans can devour with passion and this one is for anyone who has been paying attention or anyone looking to get caught up. Once again, Screaming Females knock it out of the park. 

Desire Pathway is out 2/17 via Don Giovanni Records.

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