January 25, 2023

Fever Ray - "Kandy"

The new album from Fever Ray is due in March and today we've been gifted with the record's third single, "Kandy."

The Knife called it quits after the release and tour behind 2013's monumental album Shaking the Habitual and while the band continues to remain dormant, siblings Karin and Olof Dreijer have given us a pseudo reunion with the latest from Karin's solo project Fever Ray. After sharing their first single in five years this past October, Karin has dropped another collab with their brother Olof, the haunting, serpentine "Kandy." Rubbery synths pang while ghostly cries and their gothic-tropical beats take shape as Karin's dusty vocals creep up through this mystical vision. The rhythm wrangles and shifts like a snake, slithering around treated drum beats as whispered vocals transform into deep, powerful statements of truth. This is the warmest and most sensual track we've heard from Karin in quite some time as they continue to evolve the sound of Fever Ray. A distinctive third single, it gives us no real idea of what the whole album has in store and builds the mystique they've long conjured up. Eerie flutes and chimes give it a chilling texture, a polarizing yet enigmatic juxtaposition to remnants of steel drums that lurk around every beat. Again defying expectations, Karin stands apart from any possible peer and asserts themself as a singular vision and truly incomparable voice.

Radical Romantics is out 3/10 on Mute.

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