November 2, 2022

Yo La Tengo - "Fallout"

Indie rock icons Yo La Tengo have announced their sixteenth studio album and shared the lead single.

"Fallout," the lead single from Yo La Tengo's new album picks up right where you left off with the band, no matter when you last checked them out. The living legends have been staples in the scene of dreamy, blissed-out pop, shoegazy guitar tones, ambient instrumentals, and ragged indie rock tunes for nearly three decades and "Fallout" still sounds like the best version of the band you could hope for no matter how long you've been a fan. It's got the fuzzy guitar tones, Ira's distilled vocals, steady grooves, and just the perfect amount of shredding. For a band that has remained so consistent and brilliant throughout their career, it does seem impossible for them to still crank out songs that fans can love just as much as their classics, but "Fallout" proves that there is still plenty of gas in the tank for this trio. “I don’t have what you need,” Ira Kaplan sings. “I don’t have what you want from me.” This couldn't be further from the truth, however, as "Fallout" stands out not as just a great song, but another killer jam from a band who has already given us so much. This is exactly what I want and need from Yo La Tengo in 2022 and the band delivers like only they can. Sixteen albums into their career and Ira, James, and Georgia have said that the new album is their most "live sounding" record in years and for anyone who has seen the band hit the stage, "Fallout" couldn't be more a confirmation that these guys still can do it better than almost anyone else.

This Stupid World is out February 10 via Matador.

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