November 16, 2022

Black Belt Eagle Scout - "My Blood Runs Through This Land"

Katherine Paul, who performs as Black Belt Eagle Scout, has announced her new record and shared the track "My Blood Runs Through This Land."

Following her first new song in three years, Black Belt Eagle Scout has officially announced a new album and her latest single is a towering track full of revved-up guitar. Opening with super-charged riffs, the song takes its queues in the from of epic post-rock crescendos and blown-out shoegaze guitar tones, "My Blood Runs Through This Land" is a massive-sounding track that rises to the sky with terrific flourishes of fuzzy melodies and dissonant vocals. The magnitude of this one can't be overstated and the shredding guitar riffs are enough to satisfy anyone looking to rock out. It's a beautiful yet heavy song that sounds full of purpose and hits with a thunderous punch. According to Paul: 

"My Blood Runs Through This Land" is about the connection I have with my ancestors. When I run my hands through the rocks at Snee Oosh beach and dip my fingers into our waterways, I am reminded of where I come from. Paying attention to all of the sounds and the feelings I get when I am immersed in trails of cedar trees and canoeing out on the water deeply grounds me and strengthens my bond to my lineage of the Swinomish tribe. I wanted the delicateness of these moments to meet the intense reality of the history of my people. I like to imagine my blood – all of my ancestors – running through our homelands freely and powerfully.

The Land, The Water, The Sky is out February 10 via Saddle Creek.

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