November 3, 2022

Orville Peck played The Greek Theatre (LA)

Orville Peck's 4th Annual Rodeo was a swinging hometown affair for the LA cowboy.

Riding high from this year's expansive album Bronco, Orville Peck took to the stage of LA's Greek Theatre to celebrate his final performance of the year. The deep crooning outlaw used his impressive vocal range to slay his crowd and pull them in for a cool night of debonair country pop. After a long year of touring, the notable range of the singer was slightly off, but he still used everything in his tank to pull off a proper farewell to a huge year of comeback thrills. "Big Sky" was stirring opening number that established the haunting vibes he'd conjure for the rest of the night, but it was clear that his country roots would shine as the night progressed. "Daytona Sand" quickly got things moving and brought the twang front and center for the remainder of the show and brought the cowboy vibes to new heights. With his excellent backing band, Peck dazzled his crowd with swinging hooks and big stepping choruses. His duet with the legendary Shania Twain was a highlight as he had his lead guitarist handle the guest vocals and showcase her incredible range as well. "Any Turn" was a raging track filled with fast rhythms and breakneck vocals that gives R.E.M. "It's The End of the World" a run for speed and Peck dished out the lyrics with incredible fortitude. Being the last show of his tour and the hometown rodeo affair, he pulled out some extra tricks from up his sleeve and brought out his opener Vincent Neil Emerson to show-off a duet version of George Strait's classic "All My Exes Live in Texas" which got a fun twist of new lyrics and some sweet guitar licks. Not to be out done, Molly Tuttle came back as well and for a duet with Orville on the Rancid classic "Olympia, WA" which was a stellar surprise and that took the show in a new direction. The country-punk mash-up was a killer energy boost to aid with some of the slower numbers in Orville's set list and really helped to drive home the resurgent pick me up of the night. Jaida Essence Hall, who had acted as host of the night, made a surprise mid-set appearance as well for a sickening lip-sync to Carrie Underwood's country-pop banger "Before He Cheats" which acted as a brief intermission and allowed for a sleek costume change for Peck who reappeared in slick silver suit for the final songs of the night. For the encore, Noah Cyrus made a surprise appearance to collaborate on the track "Let Me Down" before Orville bid an official goodbye with "Take You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call)" just as the curfew hit.

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