November 15, 2022

Chat Pile - "Tenkiller" / "Lake Time (Mr Rodan)"

Following their excellent debut from earlier this year, noise-rockers Chat Pile have announced a soundtrack to the upcoming film Tenkiller which is out this Friday.

On God's Country, the fantastic full-length debut from Oklahoma's Chat Pile, the band pulverize their way through brutal onslaughts of sludge-induced noise tracks which accounts for one of the heaviest and best records of the year. This year, the band strike again with a soundtrack for the upcoming film Tenkiller. Ahead of the soundtrack's release (scheduled for this Friday), the band have shared two of its tracks: "Tenkiller" and "Lake Time (Mr Rodan)." The first song easily fits in with what they delivered on their remarkable debut. Grinding guitars, chugging bass, and hammering drums continue to bulldoze and blast away at the band's solid sound. It's another lethal track from a band that has found a steady balance between metal and rock music and sets them up as one of the heaviest new bands. The other track, however, almost erases that mentality all together. "Lake Time (Mr Rodan)" is a seething countrified-rocker that has a fried sound to it and while it does feature acoustic guitars, it's not a twangy country jam that you might be envisioning. There is still a lot of rust and metallic barbs here that give it darkness and brutality, but it showcases the band's dexterity and their ability to draw from outside their typical genre. It's an expressive and expansive take and could signal where they head in the future, but for now it's yet another bruising track from one of the loudest bands out there.

Tenkiller (the soundtrack and the movie) is out November 18 and the soundtrack is a Bandcamp exclusive.

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