October 26, 2022

White Reaper - "Pages"

Heavy garage rockers White Reaper have announced a new album for 2023 and shared a new song.

White Reaper's last album was 2019's You Deserve Love and in January of next year, they'll follow it up with a new one called Asking for a Ride. Today, along with the album announcement, the group shared the record's last track which is acting as the lead single, an unusual, but cool move from the band. "Pages" opens with an almost uncharacteristically acoustic-driven riff that carries the same rush and urgency as the band's typical fuzzed-out nature before it hits the chorus and cranks the volume and charge up to 11. The band was always delivered on the heavy riffs and scuzzy sound of classic rock mixed with garage punk and while this one seems to be a curveball at first, it quickly hits the groove you'd expect and confirms the band's sound is still firmly intact. There's a powerful, almost poppy, element to it as well that at times almost evokes the Ramones' "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" in melody, but does so in tribute rather than a ripoff. It's a cool factor that you can imagine this one closing out an album as acoustic numbers often do, but it also acts as a great single that showcases the band's ability to slightly alter their sound without losing any part of their identity. 

Asking for a Ride is out January 27, 2023.

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