November 10, 2022

Fever Ray - "Carbon Dioxide"

After releasing a new song last month, Fever Ray has officially announced a new album due in 2023 and shared another track, "Carbon Dioxide."

It's getting dark earlier now and temperatures are descending. There's a chill in the air and soon the leaves on the ground will be replaced with icy frost. It's Fever Ray season, y'all! Following a new song last month, the first from Karin Dreijer since 2017's epic Plunge, the magnetic electronic artist has officially announced a new album, Radical Romantics, for March 2023. The record features production from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails as well as Karin's brother Olaf, signally a sort of reunion of their band The Knife, which should highlight the industrial goth tones and bring out some seriously exciting music. "Carbon Dioxide," the latest single certainly signals some great themes ahead as the track bounces to witchy-techno beats that hurdle forward through a labyrinth of synths and twitching textures. It's an alluring return from Karin and continues the evolution of their sound while firmly grasping sonic template they've previously explored on past records. Electronic strings chirp at the beginning before an icy beat pings to set a pulsating rhythm which jubilantly races for the remainder of the song. There is high energy ricocheting throughout and the dexterity of the rhythm is truly spellbinding. Right after the three minute mark, Karin lets out a resounding "woo" that feels like an early celebration of triumph and an acknowledgment of a glorious return. As things speed up, the track finds its motion with mesmerizing house moments and flourishing electro touches. This is a song that pushes Fever Ray forward, but also sounds like no one else. After the darker, more ominous tones of "What They Call Us," this one feels like a return to the club. It's rave music for the end of the world.

Radical Romantics is out March 10 via Mute.

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