November 8, 2022

Babyfather - "1471" (ft Tirzah)

Over the weekend, Dean Blunt surprise-released a new track under his Babyfather moniker and it features Tirzah on guest vocals.

Dean Blunt moves with swift action and in stealth mode. You're not always sure when he'll drop something new, but you can guess it'll have some slick beats. This past Sunday, he surfaced a new track under his rap alter-ego Babyfather which features a smooth piano beat that immediately hits a stutter-step as vocals from the avant-pop artist Tirzah slowly seeps into the song. Previously, the two worked together on last year's "Recipe" from Tirzah's great Colourgrade and while that was a dense and hypnotic number, this one lightens the mood ever so slightly. Trading rhymes, the duo exchange words in both of their unique and impenetrable styles, Tirzah's a jazzy, sultry display and Blunt's a classic rap that gets sandwiched in between. It's a relatively short affair, but what it captures in its sub-two-minute run time is enough to wet your palette and get you hooked just before it crumbles into the ether. There's no telling if there's more from these two in store or if this is just a one-off, but for now it's something to be enjoyed and admired. It's a dizzying new collaboration from two exceptional artists always at the ready to take you by surprise.

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