November 11, 2022

Laser the Boy - "Don't You Know Who I Am"

After spending years as one-half of the nerd-folk duo The Doubleclicks, Laser the Boy has released his first solo song, "Don't You Know Who I Am."

Over a catchy acoustic guitar riff, simple pianos, and a buoyant synth line, Laser the Boy embarks on a new musical endeavor and excels on confidence and matured songwriting. Moving past the themes explored in his previous group, Laser the Boy opens up with brilliant vulnerability and extremely personal feelings that sound both genuine and destined to serve purpose. The accompanying video further highlights the "cycles of finding one's self and imposter syndrome, feeling lost in one's own body, and realizing what your true identity is," according to Laser, and in and of itself is something worth celebrating. "The music I make has always been honest to a fault and deeply queer. This new single is all about finding one's identity after a seismic shift in life, and it seems like the perfect choice to reintroduce myself." It's a folk-pop track that shines with beautiful honesty and gives an intimate view into the life of the singer much like the best work of the Mountain Goats and the self-expressionism of Lavender Country. It's a story of self-discovery and self-honesty, things that are often taboo or deemed much too difficult to express, but Laser comes through with a distilled sound that really lets the lyrics take center stage. It's a welcomed reintroduction to a person who is willingly offering us so much and serves as a reminder that self-discovery can be a never ending journey and happen at any time throughout life. 

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