November 14, 2022

Romy - "Stronger"

Romy Madley-Croft, of the xx, has teamed up with Fred again.. for her new single.

At this point, the xx's 2009 debut can be regarded as a classic from the first decade of the new millennium. A new standard in minimal electronics, it influenced countless bands and songs that embraced the hollow sounds and empty space that made the album such a standout upon its release. In the years since, member Jamie xx and Oliver Simms have both released their own solo albums and have moved further from the lean sounds of their outstanding debut and pushed towards techno and house maximalism. Two years ago, Romy dropped her fantastic debut single, the soaring "Lifetime," and today she's shared another song that once again embraces the excitement of dance music and will surely encourage movement to the dance floor. Enlisting rising techno wizard Fred again.. to give her lush vocals proper rhythms and beats, this is another rave-ready track that comes alive with energy, reveling in the safe spaces that can be found within the dance community and allowing her voice to find itself with a sound all her own.

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