June 24, 2022

The Umbrellas - "Write It In the Sky"

The Umbrellas have released a new stand-alone single called "Write It In the Sky."

Following last year's self-titled album, San Francisco's The Umbrellas are back with another glistening track of high quality shoegaze that ups the feedback and fuzzed-out tones for a heavier track that pushes the band towards more exciting territory. Brash guitars give the song a hefty feel full of rough textures and pummeling drums recall pre-Isn't Anything-era My Bloody Valentine that gives it a closer tie to post-punk than the bleary-eyed jangle-pop of their past work. It feels perfectly inline with the vast and pleasurable catalogue of their label, Slumberland, and adds more to the ever-growing shoegaze canon. There are all the quality elements of blissful handclaps, echoing feedback, blistering guitar, and tumbling drum fills that create a blown-out wall of sound true to the aesthetics they clearly admire.

"Write It In the Sky" is out now on Slumberland.

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