June 22, 2022

Kiwi Jr. - "Unspeakable Things"

Kiwi Jr. will release their third album in August via Sub Pop and today they've shared their latest single, "Unspeakable Things."

Bright, jangle-pop melodies anchor the buzzing tracks from Canada's Kiwi Jr. as they tackle straight-forward indie rock with massive charm and their new record continues that trend as demonstrated by the first single "Night Vision" and again on their new song "Unspeakable Things." On this go around, the band add new textures via Casio-tinged synths that give it more of an analog sound circa blog-rock in the late aughts than some of their more guitar-forward songs. However, it still comes alive with joy and warm tones that already make you want to jam along to it during a mid-day set at a festival. This isn't the glassy synth notes we've heard from them in the past and gives more depth to their arsenal. This is a brassy track that hums along under the deadpan vocals and according to band member Jeremy Gaudet, "Dan Boeckner had the idea to use the Moog sound for the hook, which was originally on guitar, and that sound brings the song into a sort of new-wave territory that was fun and different for us."

Chopper is out August 12 via Sub Pop.

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