June 20, 2022

Beyoncé | "BREAK MY SOUL"

The Queen is back. Beyoncé has shared the first single from her upcoming album, Renaissance

Built around a heavy sample of Robin S's '90s dance club classic "Show Me Love," Queen B wastes no time getting to the good stuff and indulging us in fun after years and years of waiting. Announced earlier this month, Renaissance will be Bey's first solo studio album since 2016's career-defining masterpiece Lemonade and unlike her past two records, this one seems to have a proper rollout schedule. "BREAK MY SOUL" is an all out fun track that is an also rather shocking, back-to-basics quality to it. By now, we've come to expect that Beyoncé will continue to shatter expectations and redefine pop music with each and every release. Here, we find Mrs. Knowles-Carter throwing things back to simpler times and embracing the pulsing, discoteque vibes that bang with brilliant, neon rhythms. "I'mma let down my hair  'cause I lost my mind / Bey is back and I'm sleeping real good at night" she tells us, letting this one flow with nothing but good times. She sounds happy, like she's rediscovered a groove that still has some sparkle. This could even pass as a Rihanna song, territory Bey has not touched in a long time, but perhaps knows that now might be her time to strike. The rest of the album could go in any direction, but for now it seems as if Beyoncé could be taking a look back for the first time in her career. Still, like anything she touches, she finds away to still make this all her own and confirms she's back on her throne. Time and time again she's proven that she's in a league all her own, but on this one she falls back to something more conventional, something closer to traditional pop. However, even on something that feels rather simple for her, she still rules above them all.

Renaissance is out July 29.

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