June 30, 2022

Daphni - "Cloudy"

Dan Snaith has announced his first Daphni album in five years!

Although he's perhaps best known for his work under his moniker Caribou, Dan Snaith has announced his first new album of work under his Daphni project in five years. Following the earlier single, "Cherry," today's album announcement comes with another new track, "Cloudy." Twinkling piano and chopped up vocals anchor this track as shuffling beats give it some movement. Daphni tracks have typically leaned towards the harder side of Snaith's dance work, more inline with classic house and techno and less so the IDM of his work as Caribou. "Cloudy," however, feels a bit breezier than some of his past Daphni tracks. There is a slight sparkle and tropical vibe to the song and a funky bassline that runs through the under current of the track giving it a groove that will certainly make you want to get to the dance floor. The vocal splice seems to be someone saying "like this" over and over as if it's a lesson how to get the groove flowing. If you've been following Snaith for a long time, you know that his influence is vast and he's an expert in beat making that will have people in a trance long after the beats stop and house lights come up. "Cloudy" finds the BPMs slowed down a tab, but it still showcases the creative force behind the boards and that Snaith can always find new ways to deliver, just like this!

Cherry is out October 7 via Jiaolong.

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