June 9, 2022

Kelly Clarkson - "Fake Plastic Trees"


The pop star turned daytime TV host has shared a studio version of her cover of Radiohead's classic "Fake Plastic Trees."

Kelly Clarkson is a force. Her classic album Breakaway featured stunning pop bangers that still hit hard today, nearly twenty years after they dominated the charts. Now that she's turned a lot of her attention to her talk show, she still finds time to make a musical moment and has been gracing us with wild covers that seem very out of her style, but she nails them with true passion. One such track that seemed a bit odd for a choice was "Fake Plastic Trees" from Radiohead's breakthrough album The Bends. Kelly uses her powerhouse vocals to absolutely crush this cover and take it to soaring heights. Her voice is as incredible as ever on this recording and it brings a ton of justice to the iconic song.

Kellyoke is out June 10 via Atlantic.

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