June 16, 2022

Drugdealer - "Madison"

Michael Collins has announced his new album under his Drugdealer moniker and shared the great new song, "Madison."

On his follow-up to 2019's Raw Honey, Drugdealer has embraced the warm, soft sounds of '70s light rock and delivered the excellent track "Madison" as a result. This is a blissed-out track that feels perfect to soundtrack long summer days and has radient pop melodies over breezy synths and mellow guitar tones. When talking about the new track, Collins reveals that he's finally found the vocal work he's been trying to achieve for years:
"Madison" was the first song I wrote in the period after Raw Honey. I hadn't been feeling very confident about my voice for a while, when a chance encounter with an older artist, Annette Peacock, happened. She helped change my perspective, and style. She told me I wasn't singing in my correct range, to modulate it up. She was right and it shifted my perspective on singing.

"Madison" is the first time I felt like I was hearing what I really sounded like, after years of defaulting more towards numerous collaborators who I knew had their voices. It was pretty surreal and I'm really thankful for her advice.

While there's no word on an album, this is a wonderful return and hopefully with his new groove, Collins can continue to make sparkling pop gems. 

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