June 14, 2022

The Beths - "Silence is Golden"

The Beths have announced their new record and shared the lead single, "Silence is Golden."

"The song is about stress and anxiety manifesting as an intolerance to noise," the band's Elizabeth Stokes said. "Where each new sound makes you more and more stressed." Those feelings certainly come across with the high-energy of the track as the songs rips forward at a fast pace with surging guitars and blasting beats. This is a frantic one that feels like it could fall apart at any moment as the speed whips ahead at a high velocity, but the band never looses control and firmly plants themselves in the moment. This is a break-neck speed and something we've yet to hear from the group, but one that doesn't do much to change up their already great sound. If anything, it's a push forward into something a bit heavier than we've heard in the past, but still something filled with sugary sweet hooks that are sure to get you bouncing across the room.

Expert In A Dying Field is out on September 16.

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