June 29, 2022

Fred again.. - "Jungle"

Fred Gibson, the producer known as Fred again.., strikes back with a slamming new track that gets a boost from Four Tet.

Over the past year, Fred again.. has risen, first as a promising, but now as a prominent new electronic act. He's already played to massive crowds at festivals and has dished up some stellar singles featuring the likes of Romy, HAAi, and India Jordan. Today, he returns with the aptly titled "Jungle" and while it doesn't feature guest vocals (just a sample of Elley Duhé's "Immortal"), it does have a production co-credit from Four Tet and it lives up the hype you'd expect when seeing these names appear together. While Fred again.. has always specialized in revitalizing classic house and techno, this track takes it up a notch and goes hard on the beats. It's a throbbing, pulsating track that serves up big beats under twisted vocal samples and beckons you to the dance floor. You can practically feel the club come alive when the drop hits and sends the song into the stratosphere.

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