August 31, 2022

Peel Dream Magazine - "Pictionary"

Last month, Peel Dream Magazine announced a new record and today they've shared the second single, "Pictionary."

On 2020's great record Agitprop Alterna, Peel Dream Magazine mashed up fuzzed-out shoegaze, buzzsaw rock and roll, and the eternal coolness of the Velvet Underground for a record that felt both nostalgic and modern. A great blend of the past with the pristine flash of modern recordings. For their next record, the band relocated from NYC to LA and with that ditched the grit and grime of downtown for the blossoming sounds of a laid back California. On "Pictionary," the latest from the group's new album, their sound evokes dreamy, ethereal tones that match the sun-faded grooves of flower-power Laurel Canyon and makes a shift towards something that feels more like their own style vs the heavy influences that peppered their last record. Here they've embraced baroque-pop melodies and dreamy vibes for somewhat of a cosmic shift in their sound. This has a brightness to it that brings forward more cheerful moods and a chillness that we haven't seen from them before, but is befitting of their move out west.

Pad is out on October 7 via Slumberland/Tough Love.

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