August 4, 2022

Boris - "My name is blank"

Boris have unleashed another new single from their new album Heavy Rocks 2022.

Next week, Japanese metal group Boris will release a new album called Heavy Rocks 2022. It's the third album by the group to be dubbed Heavy Rocks, but their second album of this year (following January's great W). Today, the band has shared the upcoming album's third single, "My name is blank." It's an absolutely ripping track, full of high octane riffage and plenty of metal general-badassery. It's loud, fast, and gnarly as all hell. Boris are no strangers to bringing the heat to their tracks and this is just the latest example of the band unleashing pure fire. Metal can be a daunting genre and intimidating to many, but "My name is blank" is a great intro for any casual listener and is sure to get you feeling amped up. The riffs are aplenty on this one and the drums pound away with undeniable force. It's a great entry point for anyone who has been too afraid to make the jump in the past and the nods to classic thrash and speed metal makes this one of the most high-flying entries of the year.

Heavy Rocks 2022 is out August 12 via Relapse.

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