August 5, 2022

Cindy - "Little Liability" / "Take My Place"

San Francisco's Cindy have shared two songs that were originally released as a bonus 7" as part of the limited edition Dinked pressing of their third album, 1:2.

Taking queues from dream-pop and slowcore, the Bay Area quartet embrace the simplicity on these two tracks that display their reserved elegance and idillic songwriting. "Little Liability" is an instrumental jam that focuses on steady synth lines over peaceful, rhythmic drumming. It feels like a lost Stereolab demo before it was set to lyrics and after it was dipped in honey. The slow, hazy track is a glistening gem of krauty dream-pop excellence. The organ hums sound particularly vibrant here, as if they're waiting to score a serene moment in time or slightly enhance a small part of your day. "Take My Place" on the other hand, finds hushed vocals over mellow guitar plucking, reminiscent of classic Yo La Tengo jams and indie rock staples. Both tunes are full of slowed down bliss, allowing each note to shine with pristine charm. They buzz with warm, glowing fuzz, perfect for a late afternoon or a gentle soundtrack for a setting sun. These delightful quips showcase the ease and comfort the band provides so well.

"Little Liability" / "Take My Place" are out now.

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