March 30, 2022

Braxe & Falcon - "Step by Step" (ft. Panda Bear)

Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon return to deliver an exquisite track with luxurious assistance from Noah Lennox.

Imagine it: you're someplace warm, ideally next to a refreshing body of water, the sun is setting, and you're sipping something delicious. Music is playing and you feel the groove. You don't have the urge to dance, but your mood has significantly improved and a grin has permanently formed on your face. Your head is confidently bobbing along too. You look around and ask "what is this?" Your friend (me) smirks and just keeps vibing. This is the iconic French house duo of Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon. They've emerged with their first new music in nearly two decades and they hit with a splash of euphoric, pop wonder. Vocal duties have been handed over to Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear) and it's the clearest we've heard him sound in quite some time. He can feel the rhythm too and doesn't want to miss out on the fun. This is soft-rock disco at its finest, crystal clean synths, delayed vocals, and padded drums make for the sweetest melody and you can almost feel the sun reflecting off the shimmering waves as they hit you directly in the face. You can smell the salty air as it billows towards you as you recline on the deck of a yacht. It's a song that sounds expensive, but at the same moment inviting without asking for anything in return. There is a glowing pulse that never lets up and the duo refer to it as "a power ballad with French house DNA." While it's partner and double a-side companion picks up the beats, "Step by Step" always moves along in a semi-slow motion, taking its time to bask in the moment. Even when the beat drops, the song continues to coast along, drifting with easy and endless delight, a sustained state of euphoria. "I found a reason to stay, but it faded away" cries Lennox, but this one shines with an everlasting sparkle.

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